[Week 1] Introduction to Image and Video Processing

An Introduction to the course, the week focuses on some definitions and basics about different kinds of signals that we deal with on our life.

Def Signal: In Electrical Engineering, a signal is a function that contains some information about an event that occurs in discrete/continuous time.


    Heart Signals               Human Voice

Analog vs. Digital Signals

  • To make any processing to a signal using any device (Computer, Mobile,.. etc.), we need to convert the signal that comes from the source which is in an Analog form to a Digital form.
  • To convert the signal to Digital form, the device transforms the acoustic signal to electrical signal
  • Def Acoustic Signal: the noise(voice, sound) that humans/animals produce
  • Def Electrical Signal: Signal that is generated by the microphone by converting the sound signal to voltage signal
  • The electrical signal transforms to digital signal using sampling and quantization
  • Def Sampling: Transform the continuous signal to discrete signal by take a sample from the input
  • Def Quantization: Get the amplitude of the discrete signal by mapping the large set of values to small values to be counted
  • After making the processing, we reverse the pervious steps to convert the digital signal to analog to be hearable


Images Classification

  • Reflection Images: Images information resource in the object’s surface, example {Radar}
  • Emission Images: Images information resource internally in the object, example {Infrared}
  • Absorption Images: Images information resource in the internal structure of the object, example


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