Hello, Valor!

Being a researcher and a programmer can make the life so boring. Actually, I have been feeling boring for 2 months. My life is full of same routine processes, going to work, back to home and study, or code some freelancing tasks, waiting Thursday to meet my friends and hangout. This routine really made my life so boring that effects on my daily life, at work and at home. So, I decided to try something new, try something that can refresh my life and to be added to my daily life.

I love listening to music, actually, I can’t work, study or even play without listening to music (with lyrics or without), but, I never thought that I can learn music. This boredom state was in need to learn something new, so, I didn’t find an idea better than learning music, specifically, learning to play on Violin, as it is my favourite instrument that I like to listen to.

I took the decision, enrolled in a course and bought my Violin. I am still in Level 1 at the course, the course consists of 7 levels, and I am very motivated to learn the basics and be somehow good with Violin before the end of this year. This is a long way to run, but, I am very happy, exciting to learn something new and glad that I am on my way to break my boredom state.

So, lets say, welcome, Valor (I named it Valor), I hope that I will be a good companion to you!

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