My name is Ahmed. I am 23 years old.

I am interested in research field since I was in my second year at my faculty.

I love and keen on Machine Learning, Swarm Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. So, this blog will be about the fields that I work on such as computer science, philosophy and maybe writing an opinion about specific events.

I made this blog because I found that it is a good thing when expressing my thoughts and spread my knowledge to others who find what I write is useful for them.

Currently, I am M.Sc student at Faculty of Computer and Information Science Cairo_University [2016 – 2018(expected)].

I am about to begin my thesis, which will be on Natural Language Processing topic. Actually, I haven’t determined yet what the topic will be, there are many topics that I am interested in. You can suggest me a topic to make a research on it. 🙂

You can find me on:-
1494526713_facebook_circle 1494526735_twitter_circle 1494526755_social-53 1494526770_mark-github 1494526823_linkedin

Also, feel free to contact with me on my email.

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